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Pushpull System is Korean smart door lock manufacturer that directly produces and sells smart locks under BABA Lock brand. Company is located in Daejeon and Sejong cities of South Korea and has selling agencies in Hochiminh, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Nairobi, New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, New South Wales, Sydney and so on. 

BABA-8100 is the premium smart door lock with following functions.
★ Password Opening (20 passwords can be registered) 
★ Card Opening (50 Cards can be registered)
★ Double Lock Function
★ Master Card Function
★ Master Password Function
★ One-time Password
★ App Control (Bluetooth chip is chargeable)
★ Low Battery Alarm
★ Robbery & & Intrusion Alarm
★ Wrong Password Alarm (After entering wrong password 5 times in a row)
★ Fire Alarm (Only from inside the room) 
★ Voice Guide ( English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean languages are available)
★ Random Password entry ( up to 20 digits including actual password)
★ Battery (AA Alkaline type 4 Pieces)
★ Emergency Battery ( It is applied from outside when battery runs out)
★ Remote Control (Optional for additional charge)
★ Sound Mute
★ Antimicrobial Coating (Optional for additional charge)
★ Door Thickness - 35mm ~ 100mm
★ Weight- 2.8 k.g
★ Size - 85mm (W) -235mm (H) - 72mm (D)
★ Working Temperature -15 to +60 C
★ Product Material: Iron, Zinc, Ai Die casting
★ Country of Origin - South Korea

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