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Be&Bi Tech
#716, Medical Device Complex Center, 200 Gieopdosi-ro, jijeong-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, S.Korea, 26354

In the BE&BI Tech's CI (Corporate Identity), the outer circles represent planet Earth where the five major oceans and the six continents are organically connected as one, and the face in the middle represents people living together in harmony in the world.

The new CI symbolizes the company's strong commitment and management philosophy to create values for customers and practice management based on respects for people.

BE&BI Tech is focused on convergence therapy systems and skincare treatment systems and continues to innovate by developing state-of-the-art convergence source technologies. BE&BI Tech is committed to developing new technologies for human health, and the company continues to strive hard to bring bigger satisfaction and happiness to the customers.


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